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jtiong.com site, and integration

Well, I’ve got my website slowly being redeveloped into something a little more presentable. I’ve integrated it (very loosely through RSS feed) with my actual blog on svbtle.com

It’s not as prolific a website as Medium.com or Wordpress, and in fact is little more than a blank page and some text input areas, but it serves its purpose as an ongoing always-on blogging service.

You’ll see me doing a lot more updates to this blog now that it’s running, and they’ll be slightly briefer posts, I suppose. For now, I think I’ve found a happy balance between creating my own CMS, and using my existing subscription to svbtle, where content and data are promised to be kept online

My Keyboard Layout


See and Download my Current Layout Here

Back at the start of the year, I picked up an Ergodox EZ keyboard; in an effort to save my wrists from the terrors of RSI. The keyboard, is actually quite alien compared to most standard keyboards, with something of a split QWERTY layout, it still bugs a lot of people when they see the keyboard.


Needless to say, it’s taken me quite some time, in fact, I still am adapting to using this keyboard. It doesn’t help even more that I’m using a regular shaped keyboard at work everyday, either.

I still make a lot of typo errors, and I’ll stumble every now and then based on games asking me to press certain non-alphanumeric keys (Ctrl, Shift, etc.) and I sorely miss the arrow keys being in that familiar up/down/left/right shape on a regular keyboard. Instead, it’s an almost Vi-esque left/right/up/down setup. Still, I’ve persisted, and my typing speed almost matches the original keyboard layout speeds I had.

Where I really started to fall in love with the ErgoDox EZ though, is the eventually gentle tweaking I’ve been doing over time to the default key layout that the keyboard shipped with. It’s really become my own keyboard, and it’s been a journey that I’ve found myself looking at other lovely keyboards and told myself “No, I’m going to tough it out with the ErgoDox, because it’s unique, it’s mine.”

Without further ado though, here’s the layout - it’s split over two layers, with a toggle button in the bottom right to switch between layers. I can add a couple more layers on top (0 - 3 layers), but I’m trying to keep it to a minimum.





And as per the link at the top of this post, you can see and download my Layout Here. It’s dubbed version 3.4 – if you search the layouts on the configuration site for “jaytwitch” it’ll interestingly bring up a few of my historical layouts too :)

2018! Wow it's been a while...!

My last update was quite a while ago…! Coincidentally it’s also about a topic that I think I should write about again, just to see what’s changed since then!

In my time away, I’ve since started stabilising things regarding my personal career as a coder/developer/designer, and really, have started looking for a place online to write and journal my story. Enter this blog!

So, hopefully, you’ll see me updating this thing a bit more regularly, with a few more personal musings than before.

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