There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility is being superior to your formal self.
Harry Hart, Kingsman (2014)

That's what this site is, it's my little self-reflective soap box on the net. It's a place to discuss topics of interest to me, such as gaming, or coding practices, but also serve as a pseudo journal on the various ideas, projects and gadgetry I tinker around with from time to time. It primarily acts as a thought space, and a projects journal for me to record down musings, thoughts, and ideally, lessons learnt from myself.

It also serves as a platform for me to keep friends, family and loved ones up to date on some digital services, game servers and upgrades I run for them; as well as a way to keep up to date on the latest happenings with me on a personal level as well!

In a new digital age drowning in over-sharing of "best face" moments through social media, this is a spot on the web for me to call home, write about what I want in longer form, and more honestly share a bit more about myself, whilst not drowning in the memes. That isn't to say I avoid them, I still use Twitter and Instagram as my main forms of social media.

Lovingly Hand Crafted

This entire site was coded by hand, by me, from the ground up. It's based off a boilerplate project I created for all my website development needs called Foundation. It's a docker-compose based framework that lets me consistently, and rapidly deploy websites across OS-agnostic environments.

A lot of other people's hard work went into this website as well for some of the more advanced features I used for creating, managing and displaying the content on this site:

Tools of the Trade

I also have a bunch of favourite tools and applications I use to develop website projects: