About Me

I'm Johnathan Tiong - a passionate Software Developer, Gaming Tech Enthusiast, and Food Adventurer!

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I'm a Sydney-based Software Developer, with a background across many various disciplines! I've got a passion for all things gaming, gaming events, and gaming tech. When I'm not immersed in some sort of game or computer-based creative venture, I can be found exploring Sydney's foodie happenings, and trying out various types of food!

I love tinkering with the latest hardware and gadgets as well - and am interested in building things that make life a little bit easier for everyone around me! Smart home devices, home media networks, and more. I've an interest in remote and cloud services - and building the perfect "road warrior" setup that'll let me sacrifice as little power as possible while remaining as lightweight as possible - so I can work hard, play hard, all on the go!

My Skills

I have a pretty diverse skillset; but here's a general list of my technical skills!

  • I am AWS Developer Associate certified!
  • I have been coding with PHP since 2009, and am familiar with a number of Frameworks, like:
  • I'm comfortable around both MySQL/MariaDB, and Postgres Database platforms
  • I have 3 years of Software Development Team Lead experience - leading a group of 4 developers
  • I've mentored a few junior devs all the way up to senior roles, too!
  • I can build PCs and Servers, have been doing so since 1997

I've got some non-development related skills too:

  • I started as a Graphic Designer, in Marketing - and am able to use the Adobe Creative suite very well
  • I have about 15 years of experience in Events Planning, both public and private events
  • I make a fantastic spaghetti bolognese

I've also done some more unusual things too in the Gaming/Pop-Culture space! Like:

  • I ran a gaming events business, leading 12 people; running some of the most exciting gaming events across Australia
  • I've been involved with events like PAX Australia, EB Expo, Supanova, and even internationally (Quakecon 2009)
  • I still currently maintain Multiplayer United Sydney's oldest LAN Party (now online) gaming community

My Experience

I've worked from the front-lines, all the way up to management within some of the largest gaming events in the world; below, you'll find a mini-documentary video about my company's presence setting up and running the PC Freeplay area at the very first PAX Australia Expo. Nothing like this had ever been done before in Australia on this scale, and my team rose to the challenge amazingly well!