About Me

I'm Johnathan Tiong - a passionate Software Developer, Gaming Tech Enthusiast, and Food Adventurer!

Who is Johnathan Tiong?

I'm a Sydney-based Software Developer, with a background across many various disciplines! I've got a passion for all things gaming, gaming events, and gaming tech. When I'm not immersed in some sort of game or computer-based creative venture, I can be found exploring Sydney's foodie happenings, and trying out various types of food!

I love tinkering with the latest hardware and gadgets as well - and am interested in building things that make life a little bit easier for everyone around me! Smart home devices, home media networks, and more. I've an interest in remote and cloud services - and building the perfect "road warrior" setup that'll let me sacrifice as little power as possible while remaining as lightweight as possible - so I can work hard, play hard, all on the go!

My Skills

Info about skillset coming soon!

My Experiences

Info about work experience coming soon