The site now has a new theme! It's called Sandstone and is based off a Bootswatch theme for Bootstrap of the same name - find it here. I like it quite a bit - and have chosen it to be a bit less dark themed.

There's lots of small little changes that I've made to the theme, and the site as a whole.


  • Footer now has a new badge, and copyright message
  • Homepage now loads the latest 3 blog posts instead of the WHOLE blog and limiting the display to 3 times (efficiency, yay!)
  • The site's back end is a mess and needs to be updated, but the front-end is starting to look pretty nice! :)
  • The main menu is now nicer, with correctly rendered highlighted glowing text to indicate where you are
  • There's now a user account system! You can sign up, and... not really do anything yet, haha!
  • New monthly playlist on the right hand side from Spotify, this is now a configuration option in the back end for me
  • Page header backgrounds are now dynamic and change based on the time of day you're visiting the site!

Background Wallpapers

The dynamic background wallpapers are actually available and locally hosted - you can find them here:

There's a lot of changes to work through and process; if you notice any issues, feel free to leave a comment and let me know! You can actually do that, now :)


  • Create a personal Minecraft Server
  • Create a personal Factorio Server
  • Implement some unique Minecraft Server features, such as player inventory conversion