I've finally made the leap and decided to personally host all my content. As of about 10 minutes ago, I managed to completely migrate the blog content I had on svbtle.com to this site.

Means that I save a good $12 AUD per month now as I cancel the subscription for it; and I also have a whole lot more control.

The biggest issue I had in migrating across, was creating a CMS that supports the same Markdown syntax, as well as a convenient drag/drop upload system for images in my posts.

Jtiong.com has always been a site where I wasn't sure what to use it for; quite often, I was too busy tied up in my own projects and work to bother with using the domain for anything more than a placeholder. My career at present though, has taken me in a more focused direction and I find myself finally being able to use this site as more than just a link to a linkedin profile, or facebook, or twitter. (More on my changing stance on these soon)

Now that there's a direction to use jtiong.com as a personal platform for the content I wanted to write and do - without worry of content clashing or lines being blurred between projects and ventures; this site can act as a central hub for me online. Finally.

Adding in Markdown support to my site

I'm using Parsedown a PHP based parser for Markdown syntax. Up until very recently, TinyMCE was my WYSIWYG editor of choice for my sites and their projects. For clients, this is still the case, however, for my personal use - I have started using Markdown a whole lot more (already comfortable with the syntax from Github/Gitlab/GOGS servers, svbtle blog post writing and more).

It's been pretty simple to implement, using composer to setup the package and the syntax to parse the content is simple too.

My blog posting form in my admin backend, is simply a textarea, too! And heck, it's even responsive on mobile for me, given bootstrap's stylesheets and simple setup.

What about Drag'n'Drop image uploading?

This was a little more complicated; I was worried about image uploading in my blog entries (like this one). Svbtle had a great way of handling it by simply allowing users to drag an image into the text-field. To match this functionality, I've come across InlineAttachment by Rovak on Github. It works in exactly the same way; and has been a revelation to use.

Overall thanks to the use of these two plugins, I've been able to really move towards updating my site to accommodating a wonderful blog/CMS which uses similar editing features to svbtle.com