This blog entry is more of a personal reminder - and now it's somewhere on the internet in theory it shouldn't ever disappear.

I do a lot of PHP related coding in my day-to-day. Be it website projects all the way through to browser-based applications, both professionally and personally - I think I've hit a point where VS Code - my editor of choice, is finally covering almost all my use cases.

The extensions in question:

  • Alignment by annsk
  • Diff by Fabio Spampinato
  • Docker by Microsoft
  • Format HTML in PHP by rifi2k
  • GitLens by Eric Amodio
  • PHP DocBlocker by Neil Brayfield
  • PHP Symbols by lin yang
  • phpcs by Ioannis Kappas
  • Prettify JSON by Mohsen Azimi
  • TabOut by Albert Romkes