So, as I mentioned previously, I’ve started working on Project EDC; EDC is short for every day carry - which defines the equipment, and gadgetry that I might carry around with me on a daily basis. It’s aimed at further embracing a minimalist approach to everything I do and live by, with efficiency being king in how I tackle various problems.

Heavily inspired by the Every Day Carry (EDC) SubReddit forums - I've started carrying around the following:


Gear List

  1. ANDAR Pilot spring loaded leather wallet
  2. A custom Quiet Carry "The Strand" Satin Limited Edition Knife
  3. Insulin Pen (NovoRapid)
  4. Moleskine Squared Soft Cover Pocket Notebook with a Pen Loop from Leuchtturm1917
  5. Hexagonal Oil Ballpoint Pen by MUJI
  6. 6 Colour Pen by MUJI
  7. Beats by Dre BeatsX wireless earphones
  8. 256GB Space Grey iPhone 8 w/ Black thin-fit Spigen case
  9. Some generic 3-in-1 USB charger cable
  10. Comsol 10,000 mAh 3-port PowerBank
  11. Fitbit Alta HR

A change in the weather...

Yes, tweaking my EDC to this point, has meant some serious changes for me. For one, I had a Bullet Journal that I very regularly kept up to date with; but in turn, with this new pocket notebook, I can still keep a Bullet Journal, it just sadly won't be the same one. It's smaller, and way more restricted, but it's also a lot more in-reach than the larger journal I keep kept.

From now on, I generally will be keeping the pocket notebook up to date, with 'field notes' and as a bujo for everyday. The larger notebook will remain as something of a day to day notebook instead of a Bujo now.