It's a new year - and really, time to move on from my previous lifestyle of just working and hardcore gaming.

I'm looking into removing the errant Cat5E cabling around my house, both for safety reasons (I have an elderly resident who can't always avoid the cables and might trip up) and just general home pleasantness. I'm also left with a lot of computer hardware that - thanks to Project Cloud Citizen, I'm no longer in need of, such as massive servers in my house...

To that end - recently, I bought myself a Christmas present -- a Google Wifi home mesh setup; and implemented it around the house. It's my hope that I can transition the household to a wireless fix, instead of having everyone on a cabled solution.

2018 was a year that was very focused on improving my workflow on-the-go and out on my day-to-day work commitments. I ended the year by turning to Linux as my main operating system on my laptop; and I must admit - yes, the change in operating system has been disruptive - it's actually had far less disruptive impact than first thought. I'm able to do the vast majority of my work with Linux, using a system that is much better suited to coding, Docker environment development, and overall lets me just get elbows deep into productivity.

2019 - is going to be a year of improving my 'home base'. I find that due to the nature of my work over the last 12 months; I find the need for always-ready access to my code a necessity. However, I occasionally need to do a couple extra things which my laptop-centric workflow doesn't allow as yet:

  1. I need to engage in creative work; Photoshop, etc.
  2. I need to unwind with a bit of fun, too! (going to the gym is more a physical release thing)

So after the events and results of Project Cloud Citizen - and the revival of my laptop as my core workhorse; I'm declaring 3 projects for 2019 on a personal level!

  • Project Stronghold - designing the perfect space(s) at home for Rest, Play, and Creativity!
  • Project Fortify - building up my health, and shoring up against future complications
  • Project Foundation - My laptop proved its worth this weekend with both Windows and Ubuntu - tweaks to improve this :)

2019 will be about good ol' hard work, growth, and improvement. We'll see what the year brings!