So currently my various projects (including this very blog) are organised via a combination of Visual Studio Team Services, and Bitbucket deployments. Really, the only major problem is - this costs me money, something to the tune of about $50 a month. Doesn't sound like much, but why pay for something when I could put in a little bit of effort, and create my own personal self-hosted service that remains within my own control?

Data sovereignty isn't usually something that worries me too much, but with recent direction in the way things go (GDPR, etc) - it stands to reason that I should probably pay greater attention to my own privacy.

So the question is - what replaces what from FOSS to Paid services?

  • Git Repo storage - this is fairly easy, I can replace it with GOGS - which I have indeed used before
  • Ticket tracking - again, handled by GOGS
  • Automated CI/CD - this is both easy, yet harder. I can build pipelines using Jenkins

Overall, that essentially covers what I need.

Here goes nothing.