So, I've never really been shy about using linux as an Operating System for my web servers; be it Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS or otherwise.

However, for the first time tonight I've decided to roll out Linux on a desktop that I'll be using; it's for the bedroom, where I might do some blog writing, or check my email, and some general productivity basics. Enter Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop edition. Yup, that same Bionic Beaver version I was kidding about on Twitter a few days ago; I've started using it.

It's only been about 15 minutes (the install itself took an additional 5 minutes on top of that) but within that 15 minutes, I've got Visual Studio Code running, I'm writing this blog post, and I've started installing Git. Seriously, from start to finish, that's an incredible turnaround speed at which I've booted into the OS, started configuring it and immediately become productive.

I haven't really gotten elbows deep into the guts of the OS in terms of customisation, but hot diggity there's already a few nice things I like about it:

  • I'm using my 34" ultrawide as my default monitor in the bedroom, the 3440 x 1440 resolution is natively supported
  • The whole interface feels really snappy and quite intuitive!
  • I got VLC and Spotify running almost instantly (I had to login to Spotify, that was the biggest delay)
  • Parsec streaming is no nonsense for when I need to use Windows stuff (Games, Adobe Suite etc)

So far, the OS does all the usual stuff I need, with the exception of gaming, but that was always the intent with a machine in the bedroom. The last thing I want is to be gaming and disturbing my significant other in the middle of the night.

Overall, really pleased with the OS. And can foresee myself using it more often from now on!